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Challenge Engineering manufactures volume runs of custom precision machined parts in Australia using CNC Machining technology. We machine parts from: aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, mild and high intensive steel, hollow bar and plastic. We also design fit-for-purpose components. ISO 9001:2015 certified we pride ourselves on quality, reliability, smart solutions, and excellent customer service. 


FREE delivery for orders over A$300 and a Money Back Guarantee

Transforming the Future: 3D Metal Printing

Here at Challenge Engineering we are always learning about the latest technology. With this in mind, on Thursday 19th October 2017, we were excited to attend the Western Sydney University, Manufacturing Precinct, Commissioning of 3D Systems direct metal printer – PROX 300. This machine is only the second such machine to be purchased in NSW. This machine undertakes metal additive manufacturing whereby it creates 3D objects from a CAD model by building it up layer by layer using metal powder. The technology is very impressive but still remains too slow and way too costly for commercial use in manufacturing volume runs. But at Challenge Engineering we are experimenting. WSU is looking for indus

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