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Challenge Engineering manufactures volume runs of custom precision machined parts in Australia using CNC Machining technology. We machine parts from: aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, mild and high intensive steel, hollow bar and plastic. We also design fit-for-purpose components. ISO 9001:2015 certified we pride ourselves on quality, reliability, smart solutions, and excellent customer service. 


FREE delivery for orders over A$300 and a Money Back Guarantee

Check out what James Abbott does every day and his secrets of success. Read his recent interview with @aumanufacturing on CNC machining & Challenge Engineering

How to check the quality of your CNC machinist. The most common CNC machining mistakes include: programming errors, poor maintenance, improper tool usage, feed & speed issues. Best to use a qualified and reputable CNC machining company for your parts.

A book review of Exactly: How Precision Engineers Created The Modern World by Simon Winchester. CNC machining is all about such precision and this book is a fascinating read.

Heat Treatment - The industrial hardening of steel explained: Case Hardening, Through Hardening and Flame Hardening. The choice depends on the use of the parts. Please click below to read this blog post and contact us at Challenge Engineering ph: 02 9632 0010.

Manufacturing must adopt 3D Printing technology. It is inevitable. You must start now. Find out how to start without spending a fortune. Click on blog to watch VIDEO.

There is currently $40m available in grant funding to support Queensland’s small to medium enterprises (SME) to become more internationally competitive and adopt innovative processes and technologies. Time for you to get on board. Find out how to apply.

In 2018 there are many factors that influence manufacturing business success. We review the top 5 and also how to mitigate them. Risks can be grouped into 5 generic categories: people, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, supply chain and environmental.

The Smart Factory: data, technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), process, and cybersecurity, make for higher productivity, flexibility, and adaptability. Envision a manufacturing environment where every single action taken, by every element involved in the process is...

Which inventory management system best suits your production model? Material Req. Planning vs Just in Time. Use barcoding or Radio Frequency Identification?

With a teenage daughter who loves Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM), I am keen to see more women considering careers in these fields. Here at Challenge Engineering we are working on initiatives to support STEAM education programs for young women....

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