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Challenge Engineering manufactures volume runs of custom precision machined parts in Australia using CNC Machining technology. We machine parts from: aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, mild and high intensive steel, hollow bar and plastic. We also design fit-for-purpose components. ISO 9001:2015 certified we pride ourselves on quality, reliability, smart solutions, and excellent customer service. 


FREE delivery for orders over A$300 and a Money Back Guarantee

Parts machined from SAF Stainless Steels have many advantages. Please read on to discover if by swapping to these steels you can gain a competitive advantage.

Stainless Steel properties are enhanced by the PH process. Find out why this matters. When should your CNC machined parts be precipitation hardened? Read on.

Challenge Engineering is CNC machining parts for the transportation industry. The steel shafts pictured have keyways machined into them. Learn more.

CNC Machining companies should be delivering great customer service. What does this look like? Read our blog for the top 8 must haves.

The advantages of CNC machining for Australian mining Co.s include: rapid production, quality, volume, tooling flexibility and design flexibility. Such a large sector of our economy that needs a reliable supply chain. The manufacture of precision parts is crucial.

Choosing the right CNC machining provider is an extremely critical decision that will greatly impact your business. Our selection criteria will help you.

Going OS for your machined parts is fraught with danger. Do contact Aust CNC machining companies first. You can trust our quality, delivery, communication, and certification. Our prices are competitive.

The rail industry uses CNC milling & turning for the manufacture of precision machined parts. This repetitive engineering process can also benefit your business. Do you require uniform and consistently produced specialist parts?Read this article to learn more.

Differences between CNC turning and milling can be grouped as follows: machine setup, cutting tools, & programming. Which best suits your manufacturing type?

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