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Precision CNC Machining Services

Our Multi-Axis CNC machines undertake precision turning, broaching, milling and drilling.


Below is a list of CNC Machining Services offered by Challenge Engineering (Sydney based) using the latest 5-axis CNC Machining technology. The list is not exhaustive. CNC machine is a computer that is programmed to make precise cuts. As such, we can CNC machine virtually any engineering material.

From prototyping to production runs, our CNC machining solutions make it easier for you to get to market faster with quality parts. Challenge Engineering is committed to delivering the best parts on the market using complete process controls.


We work hard to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of a stringent system that ensures superb process controls. 


We refuse to compromise on quality. Our customers expect only the best quality products. In the end, our success is measured by our customer’s success – so we make it our mission to deliver perfect parts, on time, at affordable prices (Challenge Engineering is ISO 9001:2015 certified).


We utilise our expansive experience in a range of industries to identify the right method, material and quality controls to ensure perfect CNC parts are delivered in your defined timeline.


For example, we machine for the defence, transportation and mining industries which use the harshest and most extreme testing environments to ensure safe, high-quality CNC Components. 

“I have relied on Challenge Engineering for CNC Machining. James and his staff are very hands-on and as one business to another they immediately understand what we need.
I recommend them highly”.

Eugene K

Engineering Manager

Challenge Engineering - Australian made and owned
Challenge Engineering - ISO9001:2015 CNC Machining
Brass Connector
Aluminium Hosetail CNC machined for Turbocharger

Industries that use our CNC Machined Parts

Oil and Energy

These industries require pistons, valves, cylinders and many other complex components for large machinery. These are heavy-duty parts, usually made from high strength metals such as steel alloys or titanium. CNC machining is the ideal solution to manufacture such hard-wearing complex parts.



Diverse parts and components like pistons, connectors, sleeves, shafts, collars, and couplings are required to build structures of all kinds of conveyances like trains, buses, scooters, cars, trucks etc. Mechanical parts of various designs can be made easily in a CNC machine, ideal for the automotive industry that has a high demand for customised parts. See our related blog post.


The defence industry uses a lot of heavy-duty equipment, machinery, and vehicles. CNC machining is utilised to manufacture parts for, missiles, ships, tanks or armoured vehicles for instance.


Original Equipment Manufacturers


OEMs require a range of precision custom parts, many are to be manufactured at high volume. Our CNC machines are perfect for this purpose. 


Parts designed using precision engineering serve in giving high efficiency and performance in the machines used in the medical industry. Milling machines help in using monitoring devices and equipment, while CNC machines help in manufacturing the bigger parts in the medical industry. 


The aerospace industry demands high precision components that often have unique or complex designs. For example, a modern jet engine contains many different size and shape rotors, cogs, and intricately designed parts, making them ideal for CNC manufacture. The strength and accuracy of the manufactured parts are paramount in a highly safety-critical industry. 

What products can be manufactured on a CNC machine?

As well as the examples mentioned on the Products Page, there are a wide variety of products and parts that can be made on our CNC lathe and milling machines. Examples include fixings and fasteners such as screws, nuts and bolts, and clasps.


What Common Metals and Plastics are Used?

Challenge Engineering has machined parts from the following:

  • Stainless steels 303, 304, 316, 630, SAF2205

  • Mild steels 1020, 1030, 1045

  • High tensile steels 4140, 4340, EN36

  • Aluminium: 2011, 6026, 6061

  • Brass- Cast iron

  • Hollow bar

  • Plastics: nylon, acetyl

Why Choose Challenge CNC as your CNC Precision Machining Service Provider?

At Challenge Engineering, we provide efficient, precise, competitive and reliable, Australian CNC Precision Engineering services with short turnaround times. For more see Why Us

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