True Story: A Case for Certified Heat Treated Machined Parts

When metal parts are heat treated, the heat treatment company will issue a certificate of conformance. Feel free to ask your CNC Machining supplier for this certificate.

Why is this certificate so important?

True story. Recently, the manager of a large glass manufacturing company told me that they purchased overseas made parts, installed them on their assembly line only to have the parts start to wear immediately. After a couple of weeks they failed completely. The assembly line had to be stopped and the company had to find local replacement parts. To stop this line cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars and the manager a lot of sleep.

Having gone back to their overseas supplier via many many emails, the Operations Manager discovered that the heat treatment process was flawed and the product was not certified. The glass company had supplied detailed drawings and specifications, yet the overseas manufacturing company had failed to comply with these.

Please know that we have great quality assurance processes here in Australia. When quality matters, buy Australian. Especially from a company such as ours which is ISO:9001 certified.

As an example of the use of heat treatment, we have recently been manufacturing poppet valves from 431 stainless steel. These valves go off for heat treatment and then they come back to us at Challenge Engineering, with a heat treatment certificate, for machining to size. Quality guaranteed. Happy customer.

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