How to Select the Best CNC Machining Company: Top 5 Criteria

Does the success of your business rely on a strong component manufacturer? If so, you must be able to confidently sift through CNC machining companies to find the best for your business.

By finding and engaging the best CNC machining company, your parts will be precision engineered to your custom specifications every time. You will be rewarded with responsive service, quality product, reliability and technical expertise. The very best machinists will also suggest improvements to your parts. Your business will thrive.

So, from us at Challenge Engineering, here's what to look for and how to find it:

1. Customer Service Excellence

No.1 is great service. You need a friendly professional who will listen closely to understand your business, your requirements and how best assist you.

For example, one of the many pitfalls of sourcing parts from overseas is poor communication. The most obvious barriers being language, the time difference and the lack of knowledge, or frankly interest, in your business.

A recent new customer of ours, a glass manufacturer, recently experienced this first hand. The Purchasing Manager spent two days emailing a Chinese company trying to report a quality issue. Parts that were supposed to have been heat treated were in fact not. Meanwhile their production line was down costing tens of thousands of dollars. Buyer beware.

For great service, build a relationship with the team. Select a machining shop that appreciates customer feedback, and works hard to exceed expectations.

Assess their communication skills. The team should be smart, approachable, professional and technical experts. Importantly, and this is certainly not always the case, the CNC machining team should want to learn about your business.

2. Reliability and Delivery

A dependable parts manufacturer offers on-time delivery and excellent service. You must have total confidence in delivery.

The machining facility does not have to be located in your city. The best companies will have a strong delivery capability throughout Australia. Tip: ask about free delivery.

Research CNC machining companies online for their reputation. Search for customer testimonials and Google Reviews. Visit company social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Start with the company website.

Discover how long each CNC machining company has been in business. Only manufacturers who consistently provide reliable service will stand the test of time.

3. Quality Product and Systems

Formal certifications are a good indicator of quality. Parts manufacturers who are ISO:9001 certified must abide by the policies and procedures of an efficient Quality Management System. They are audited by external auditors on a regular basis and must continually demonstrate their ability to perform business legally, safely, and transparently.

These businesses must demonstrate robust systems for: checking the quality of parts, drawings, machinery, measuring equipment, packaging, and delivery. They must also show evidence of how they collect and act on customer feedback, and how they develop their staff.

Include in your list only ISO: 9001 certified companies. The likelihood of receiving quality components and great service from an accredited parts manufacturer is considerably higher than those without.

4. Engineering Expertise

A dependable CNC machinists is an expert in bringing your drawings to life. Search for such professionals. They will be able to quickly interpret your specifications and select the best manufacturing technique. This could include using various CNC lathes along with more manual operations to meet specifications.

Search for a parts manufacturer that has a team of highly experienced qualified engineers.

Many companies have polished photos of components on their website and social media but do quiz the business leader about these parts.

Check that they can machine volume runs. Ask what the minimum and maximum size runs are. You don't want a small tooling shop if you are in need of many components and vice versa. Tip: the larger the run the better the price.

Ask to see examples of custom made parts. Talk to the owner of the business about the parts being made currently in the workshop and exactly how they are being manufactured.

5. Suggests Improvements

The best CNC Machining businesses make suggestions as to how you can improve the reliability and quality of your parts. They are able to undertake Engineering Design.

At Challenge Engineering, we have the smarts and trusted customer relationships that allow us to innovate.

For example, a customer of ours had a product which had a fairly short lifespan. This was causing him immense frustration. We suggested an alternative grade steel and a few small smart design changes and the lifespan has been extended. His customers are pleased and so is he. He now has a product that makes his business a market leader.

This is where relationship building is so important. If your manufacturer knows about your business and understands how the parts are being used they can be invaluable. They become part of your team.

Without exception, successful businesses depend on excellent partnerships with their suppliers. Be thorough in your selection of your CNC machining service and you can look forward to a mutually beneficial business partnership.

At Challenge Engineering, we are happy to talk you through how we comply with all of the above selection criteria. We machine custom metal and plastic components, and pride ourselves on great customer service.

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