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8 To Be Great: Are You Using the Best CNC Machining Service?

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As the need for CNC manufacturing continues to rise, there is a corresponding increase in the number of companies specialising in CNC machining. Selecting the right company to work with is a crucial decision. One important aspect in determining a good CNC machining company is their customer service.

Great customer service not only increases ease of production, but also saves you a lot of time and money. Here are some key deliverables and services that your CNC machining company should provide in order to deliver great customer service.

1. Design support

Design is the first step in manufacturing a part. Before a part can be CNC machined, a working design has to be created. A good way for a CNC machining company to deliver customer service is to provide you with design support. This involves making recommendations and providing assistance in the design process. A good machinist should ensure that the design is not only cost effective, but can also be effectively machined. In a case where you have a ready-made design, the machinist should meticulously check for design flaws and make any necessary corrections.

2. Material selection and procurement

Material selection and procurement is another key service that should be offered by your CNC machining company. Since CNC machining companies often buy materials in bulk, you get much better value and added security when purchasing materials through them. In order to avoid failure during operation, a machined part has to be manufactured from materials that conform to industry standards. Good CNC machining companies should have access to various reputable suppliers who can supply you with traceable, high quality materials. This minimises the risk of unavailability of material. It is also important for the company to provide you with the necessary material certificates.

3. Quality

When it comes to manufacturing, quality is of great importance. Quality must never be compromised, especially when you are dealing with a large scale production or safety critical parts. In providing you with maximum quality, a good CNC machining company should first and foremost, be ISO 9001:2015 compliant. The company should also have strict and elaborate quality assurance procedures that cover the entire machining process. These procedures should start from material inspection.

Some questions your CNC machinist should be able to answer are:

  • Are the materials to be used of high quality?

  • Do they meet industry standards?

  • Are they traceable?

  • Are certificates available?

  • Are they best suited for the application?

  • Do they require any special machining requirements?

These questions should all be answered during material inspection. Next are intermittent inspections during the machining process. Finally, after the finished products have been manufactured, they should be thoroughly inspected for any flaws. Parts that require CNC machining often have very little tolerance.

4. Sampling and prototyping

Before embarking on your request, either for large scale or small scale production, a good CNC machining company should be in a position to offer a prototype depending on your requirements. Prototyping not only allows you to analyse the technical proficiency of the company but also quells any doubt you may have. In certain cases, prototyping can save you a lot of money.

5. Post machining treatments

During machining, a part is likely to develop stresses which may result in distortion. Without post machining treatments, a machined part is at risk of failing during operation. A great CNC machining company can assist you in eliminating this risk by recommending post machining treatments you should carry out on machined parts. They may also work closely with approved partners that offer such treatments.

6. Logistics

If you require large scale production, the movement of materials and finished products could turn out to be a nightmare. However this problem can easily be eased by a CNC machining company that offer logistics services or support. This involves the movement of procured raw materials to the workshop, as well as, timely delivery of the finished products to your preferred location. In production, time is regarded as currency and so time wasted is money wasted. Your CNC machining company should help you save money. Often, using a local CNC machinist is best.

7. Money back guarantee

A lot of things could go wrong during the machining of a part. Most times, this is no fault of yours. A money back guarantee will serve as a form of insurance for you. If a production batch comes out wrong, you are guaranteed no loss. A money back guarantee is also a sign that your CNC machining company cares about your business.

8. Effective communication

For any process to be carried out successfully there must be effective communication between the parties involved. CNC machining processes are no exception. Great customer service by your CNC machining company should include effective communication before, during and after machining. This way any updates and problems are communicated to you on time.

Challenge Engineering is an ISO 9001:2015 certified CNC machining company based in Sydney, Australia. We manufacture metal and plastic parts for industrial equipment manufacturers. To find out more visit www.challengecnc.com.au click on Contact Us or complete a Request For Quote form.

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