Why a Money Back Guarantee on CNC Machined Parts Matters

A mistake made in the CNC machining of parts can cause irreversible reputational damage and financially cripple your business. A money back guarantee will provide financial protection from failures.

Imagine submitting a job to a CNC machinist only to receive a batch of parts that are bad quality, or even completely incorrect. This can be a devastating blow to your business, especially if you had a large production run.

The history of engineering is littered with incredibly costly, even catastrophic disasters that can often be traced back to a poorly manufactured part. It is therefore critical to be aware of the potential pitfalls of working with a CNC machinist that does not offer a money back guarantee.

Read on to find out why a money back guarantee is critical, and why the absence of a money back guarantee should raise a serious red flag.

What exactly is a money back guarantee?

This seems like a straightforward concept, right? If I am not happy with my parts then I get my money back, no questions asked. However, this is not always the case.

There are usually terms and conditions attached to this guarantee, and it is your responsibility as the customer to make sure that you fully understand the limitations of this. If the information is not clear or easy to access, then ask the machinists what the limitations of their guarantee is.

This is meant to set your mind at ease knowing that the machinist will ensure that your final product quality meets all your expectations, and that if somehow you did not get the quality you expected that you would have some clearly defined course of action to rectify any issues, and recoup any financial losses incurred.

It must be noted however, that a machinist cannot be held accountable for a badly designed part. For example, if some difficult to machine features are requested there is a risk that these will be executed poorly, resulting in a subpar part. This is a grey area that needs to be clarified with your CNC machinist prior to any work commencing. They will be able to advise on the feasibility of your parts, and point to the correct design for manufacturing principles and procedures.

The money back guarantee is a mechanism that promotes a healthy supplier and customer relationship.

How a Money Back Guarantee Serves you, the Customer

The list of items below outline how a machine shop can improve quality, meet client requirements and reduce risk. Companies that offer a money back guarantee will have these values at the forefront of their business:

  • Customers’ Needs Come First – A key reason for offering a money back guarantee is to promote a sense of trust. A good machinist realises that building a long-term relationship with a customer through trust is a great way of ensuring future work.

  • Strive to Understand User Requirements – It is critical to engage with the machinist before the first chips fly. Some of these early consultations can include discussions on the difficulty of manufacturing a certain part as well as the risks involved. This helps eliminate any misunderstandings early in the process.

  • Ensure Quality Parts - Implementing a strict quality control process is a major step in ensuring consistency. A stringent set of quality control rules will effectively eliminate the chance of a subpar quality part.

  • Undertake Thorough Product Inspections – Part inspections are non-negotiable in the machining industry and must be performed as regularly as practical. Inspections should be done after each major operation and after each component has been completed. If a part requires high tolerances, then it is important to ensure that the CNC machinist has the required equipment to measure these tolerances.

  • Client Interaction is Welcomed – If possible, inspections should be arranged to allow for the client to be present during an inspection. This can be done between major operations or after a batch run.

  • Reduce Risk for the Customer – A money back guarantee leaves the customer with very little risk and if they are unhappy with the final quality despite all the above processes, there will be no financial repercussions.

ISO Quality Control

Any machinist that is serious about delivering quality to their customers will also be ​ISO 9001 certified. This system standardises the process of quality control and is based on seven quality management principles:

  1. Customer Focus

  2. Leadership

  3. Engagement of People

  4. Process Approach

  5. Improvement

  6. Evidence based decision making

  7. Relationship management

These principles form the backbone of a very thorough and strict quality control process, and part of it makes provision for money back guarantees. If a company follows ISO 9001 principles, then you can rest assured that all due processes will be followed to ensure the best possible quality on your product.

In conclusion

Due to the complex nature of manufacturing there will always be an element of risk, in some cases the risk can be incredibly high with serious repercussions. This can be reduced and even eliminated with a robust money back guarantee process. However, if a CNC machinist does not offer the protection provided by a money back guarantee, then they are clearly not confident in their quality control processes and as such, should be avoided.

You as the customer have every right to demand quality components as it is your products’ reputation that will be affected. A money back guarantee helps foster a good long-term relationship between customer and machinist and is beneficial to both parties.

Challenge Engineering is an ISO 9001:2015 certified CNC machining company based in Sydney, Australia. To find out more visit www.challengecnc.com.au.

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