Leaders in the Industry

James Abbott Managing Director Challenge Engineering


James Abbott is the Managing Director of Challenge Engineering. James has more than 25 years experience working in manufacturing. With Engineering and Operations Management qualifications, he has both a technical and ‘school of hard knocks’ knowledge of the CNC machining industry. Starting on the shop floor James has been involved in core processes such as casting and sheet metal production through to developing technical specification for products. He has worked for companies such as the

Aldridge Group and Mannessman Demag.

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Lisa Cohen, Director Customer Experience, has degrees in Economics, Human Resources and Business. Her responsibilities at Challenge Engineering include quality systems, staffing, marketing and sales, and she contributes to overall business strategy. Lisa has worked in a managerial capacity for manufacturing companies such as US Water and Parker Hannifin Pty Ltd.  Along with this manufacturing experience, she has also advised companies in the
financial services, design, and construction industries.

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